Tile Cleaning - Grout Cleaning

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Tile and Grout Cleaning: This process is mostly used on ceramic tile. We machine clean all ceramic tile and restore your grout. We offer a great grout maintenance service plan. Grout sealing is also available at a low rate, just ask for the “Tile & Grout Combo”. If you have questions about what kind of tile you may have, give us a call today to set up a same day free estimate (on your commercial or residential need).

Strip & Refinish: This process is used on all floors that require a fine finish. The floor is strip of all old wax and dirt, follow by clean-up, and concluding with (depending on the amount of traffic the floor receives) the proper amount of coating (usually 4 coats is best recommended) to make your floor (residential or commercial) come out as new. Examples of floors: Vct tile, terrazzo, vinyl, laminate floors, etc.

Grout / Paver Sealing- We offer an amzing product in our grout and also exterior paver sealing for your grout lines and exterior driveway or sideway sealing. replenish that original look and give your driveway or sidewalk the curb appeal it deserves.

We bring nothing but the highest standards to all of our valued customers.